Friday, October 12, 2012

I got dumped today!!

I got dumped today and I am totally thrilled!  Normally if someone told me to go away and never come back I would have my feelings hurt. But this time, I have to admit, I am happy to say goodbye!

So this is how it went.  I went to see my new friend. He had his long time associates take a couple of pictures of me and then I got to wait for him to visit with some other people.  When he finally came into the room where I was waiting to see him, he very kindly said my pictures looked great. He also said he was impressed with the self improvement work I had done.  And then he said, (and this is a direct quote)  "So go away and never come back"  Of course he laughed and said "I like you fine, it's just that our relationship is based on your need for me and quite frankly I don't see that you need me anymore."  

If you haven't guessed, this was my Orthopedic surgeon! 
That's right!  I have the go ahead to start using my leg 100%! I have been  free of the crutches for a couple of weeks and everyday I feel better and better!  So time to start walking and excising outside of the pool!  WOO HOO! 

I also have had a couple of profound (well at least in my opinion) thoughts about this experience.  The first one is overwhelming gratitude.  It was a first for me,  I have never been on crutches before or had to have surgery like this.  I have learned so much about myself, and developed so much appreciation for the some of the simplest things (like being able to carry stuff)

The other thought is how much different the experience could have been if I had gone through this 2 years ago.  I know that I would not have healed as quickly and I probably would have had to use a wheel chair, as I would not have been able to get around on crutches.
Report time
Even though I didn't meet my goal. I used it to pull me forward. I didn't lose the 20lbs I had hoped but I did lose. (I am down 11 lbs from post surgery when I made that commitment and 4 lbs from my "pre-accident" weight) I have learned how hard "real" stress can be on making progress, and I know this will help me when helping others through their challenges.

So now onward and upward!  And next summer when I try the water skiing again  (yes I have decided I will) I will be smaller, stronger, and I will  wear knee braces.  Because as nice as you are Dr Chamberlain, I really have no desire to see you again either!


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