Friday, October 12, 2012

I got dumped today!!

I got dumped today and I am totally thrilled!  Normally if someone told me to go away and never come back I would have my feelings hurt. But this time, I have to admit, I am happy to say goodbye!

So this is how it went.  I went to see my new friend. He had his long time associates take a couple of pictures of me and then I got to wait for him to visit with some other people.  When he finally came into the room where I was waiting to see him, he very kindly said my pictures looked great. He also said he was impressed with the self improvement work I had done.  And then he said, (and this is a direct quote)  "So go away and never come back"  Of course he laughed and said "I like you fine, it's just that our relationship is based on your need for me and quite frankly I don't see that you need me anymore."  

If you haven't guessed, this was my Orthopedic surgeon! 
That's right!  I have the go ahead to start using my leg 100%! I have been  free of the crutches for a couple of weeks and everyday I feel better and better!  So time to start walking and excising outside of the pool!  WOO HOO! 

I also have had a couple of profound (well at least in my opinion) thoughts about this experience.  The first one is overwhelming gratitude.  It was a first for me,  I have never been on crutches before or had to have surgery like this.  I have learned so much about myself, and developed so much appreciation for the some of the simplest things (like being able to carry stuff)

The other thought is how much different the experience could have been if I had gone through this 2 years ago.  I know that I would not have healed as quickly and I probably would have had to use a wheel chair, as I would not have been able to get around on crutches.
Report time
Even though I didn't meet my goal. I used it to pull me forward. I didn't lose the 20lbs I had hoped but I did lose. (I am down 11 lbs from post surgery when I made that commitment and 4 lbs from my "pre-accident" weight) I have learned how hard "real" stress can be on making progress, and I know this will help me when helping others through their challenges.

So now onward and upward!  And next summer when I try the water skiing again  (yes I have decided I will) I will be smaller, stronger, and I will  wear knee braces.  Because as nice as you are Dr Chamberlain, I really have no desire to see you again either!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Loving Life Today!

I love my life!
And it just keeps getting better and better. 
Even hobbling around on crutches, my life is awesome!!! Wanna know why? Here is the short version.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice, his example, and his amazing love and grace! My good husband, My most amazing , terrific, spectacular children, My Siblings, so kind and supportive, My great parents and even my cousins, aunts and uncles have blessed me immensely, The totally beautiful world in which I am blessed to live at a time and in a place where I enjoy comfort, education, technology, and abundance,.............

And The amazing new life I have found getting healthy and helping others get healthy. 

I have always been passionate about helping others and finally as I am helping myself I am finding a vehicle to help others in a way that truly makes a difference in their lives!

This list is extremely brief . I could go much longer, but let me tell you, as I feel better, I want to shout it from the roof tops! " This body we have is amazing! Take care of it!" For sure this has been one of the best parts of going through this broken leg thing. As I heal and feel better and better, I am reminded of the way I felt when I first started losing weight! Have you ever not known you were feeling bad until you really started to feel better? That is what I am doing again right now, just as I did last year!

As for my goal to lose 20 lbs while off my feet, I finally balanced on the scale and yes I am losing! Not as rapid as I had hoped but I have lost 6 lbs so far. I continue to get more and more active, and out and about, I am sure that will increase. So five more weeks on crutches I am going to push hard! Hope you are all using your goals to move forward as well.

Oh...And one last thought....Did I mention I really love my life? 

 I am so very blessed and I am so very grateful for all that I have, including my health and the fact that I can say”including my health!!!”

Monday, August 27, 2012

I love having a coach! She is saving my life. 

This is her before and after picture.  She lost 83 lbs on this program and has kept it off for the last year and a half. 

Last week I had to travel out of town 3 days in a row for my job. At the end of the three days I had an achy leg and was so exhausted. I hadn't slept well etc. etc.. But I didn't really notice this. What I did notice was that food was calling me. I kept hobbling into the kitchen and finding a “healthy snack” Which started adding up, and I finally called my coach. She reviewed what I was doing and pointed out that I was not craving carbs..... I was craving energy. Her advise: “Go take a nap” Which I did., I have since  payed more attention to getting the sleep I need. Ended up taking a nap the next day too....Miracle of Miracle cravings are gone and I am back on program!

I knew this principle. I have studied the Habits of Health and read about the importance of good sleep when trying to lose weight (And stay healthy) But in the moment I did not recognize the problem. I just wanted to eat....
Having a coach who was looking at the problem with more objectivity was so helpful, and I am so grateful that I have her to help me get to my goal!!  And it is so cool helping others by doing the same.

So how did I do this last week. Obviously had a couple of bad days, but over all have been on program, and feel like I am making progress. However, I don't seem to be able to get a weight. Because I can only stand on one leg, my scale gives me error messages, I will let you know as soon as I get a number... 
Still working on the goal!  
Thanks for those who are working on their goals with me as well!  We shall succeed!!!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can You Help Me Please?

Can You Help Me Please? 

It has been quite a while since I blogged. Sorry about that. 
 I have had a lot of excuses for my procrastination, but my favorite excuse, ( I have been so busy having a blast) was recently taken from me, so I decided to get back to it. Oh and of coarse: I need your help!

First let me explain.

As many of you know I have sort of a “Non” Bucket list going. (You know, Things I want to do now that I am busy living and not busy dying)
So on July 30th I was in McCall with my sister and had the opportunity to something that was extremely important to me. WATER SKI! I loved skiing as a kid, but the last time I tried I couldn't pull my weight out of the water, I blamed it on carpel tunnel for years, but we all know the real reason. So I was anxious to try again without 120 lbs I have shed. I had visions of skiing across the lake, tears of joy streaming down my face; but instead I was left bobbing in the water, crying in pain. I had hyper-extended my knee, resulting in a lateral fracture of the tibial plateau with compression...
Long story short, I had surgery last Thursday, and now have at least 8more weeks of recovery. The first of which has been rough at best. That said: On to the positive!

Eight weeks isn't that long, right? Sigh.....
And yes I am sitting on my bum......
Stuck in my house.....struggling even to get to the restroom...
Oh wait...I said on to the positive...


 That’s what this is going to be about! Eight weeks of glorious growth! (and shrinking)
After all, I am going to be challenged anyway! Might as well build some heart muscle...both physical and emotional!
So I have set some SMART goals: (This is a great technique if you are not familiar with the acronym it means : Specific --- Measurable--- Achievable---Realistic---Time oriented ) I have used this concept before, but have really honed this type of goal since working the Habits of Health. (Education side of my weight loss program)

The help I need.

But since this is already going to be a challenging time I am asking for more help. [I know, I know, I am already the queen of needy!]  But what I am asking is simple accountability. I need you my friends to simply know what one of my goals is and hold me to the actions and behaviors I will need to adhere to,in order to reach it. Also if you are interested, I would love to have anyone join me with their own 8 week goals and we can reach together! If it is weigh loss related check out my website  [Yes,I know that was shameless] 
Anyway, I now have my right arm raised and am committing to posting my progress here weekly...I promise!

So here goes:
 The Goal!

Lose 20 lbs more in these 8 weeks and reduce my flags (upper arms) by at least an inch.
This is a hefty goal, being off my feet but I am confident I can do it if I stay totally on program, 
       Oh! and I found an upper body only cardio workout, that will help with both of these goals.check it out if you have a broken leg too:

I have also set other goals, including some serious reading and education goals, and I am committing to finally getting that Health Coach Certification completed! I'll let you know how that is going too!

Thanks for all the love and support I have already received by the way! I love you all!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Eat your Veggies!

One of the best gifts and biggest surprises I received from doing this program is my new found enjoyment of food!
That's right. I like food more! I need it less---- but I like it more.
I am not referring to the foods I used to use to squelch emotions, I am referring to those wonderful foods that Heavenly Father has presented in abundance to nourish and energize us.
Okay, I will admit it for all of my crazy...binge eating, sneaking tastes..etc. I have been pretty picky.
But what I have learned as my pallet has been cleansed, is that the taste of healthy vegetables and lean meats is amazingly good.
I have watched my families taste change as well.
For instance: Jacob wanted lots of Brussels sprouts and “a really good salad” with his birthday dinner!!! That’s right! brussel sprouts! How cool is that?!
Speaking of that change, People have asked how I do the program with my family. Well I serve lean and green dinners. I started out trying to just modify what we were already having, but I rarely do this anymore. I will once in a while, but not often. They have granola and cereal for breakfast, bread and tortilla's available for lunches. They also get plenty of junk food and “treats” from outside sources. Believe me there is no shortage of sugar, fats or simple carbs in their lives. So if dinner is healthy lean and green, they will not suffer. And guess what. They actually like real food more as well. Also they are eating more fruits and veggies through out the day....crazy. Who'd of though?

I'll admit this has not been an instant or even quick change. It has been gradual. As we have incorporated this simple healthy habit into life, we have watched the unhealthy habits start to fade away........

But not these guys! 
Try this recipe: Its great!

Balsamic Chicken Salad

Prep time5 minutes


Balsamic goodness.


1⁄4cBalsamic Vinegar (Get the good stuff; 20 calories)
1THorseradish (Koops horseradish mustard; 0 calories)
1tGarlic (crushed; 0 calories)
2tSplenda (< 5 calories)


Whisk to blend. Toss with warm roasted shredded chicken breast and put on top of salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and green onions. Drizzle "a little" more dressing over top.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Is there something you know to be impossible? What is it?  

I know what I have believed to be impossible. I could list all the things I can not do, but that would be a waste of time. Besides, it would also be a lie, because I have recently started doing those things .
 Elenor Roosevelt

So what kinds of impossible things have I done? In my previous post I wrote about climbing my little mountain. I believed that to be impossible even while I was doing it. Maybe even more so. I have finally lost weight and started being sane about food! And sometimes I still believe that to be impossible. And the other day I called someone I don't know personally, but have admired from afar, and simply asked for inspiration! (which by the way I got!)

How can you change the way you think? One baby step at a time.

So What do you think you can not do?

Well, as our friends at Nike would say. Just do it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Conquered the Mountain

One of my goals last year was to hike to the top of Roxyanne.  Well today, I finally did it.  My daughter is here visiting and has been working out with me and her mother in law Lisa. She has been helping me set up a great exercise program.  Today she called and said lets climb Roxyanne!  Sort of seemed like a big deal to me and to be honest I have been procrastinating that little milestone of my journey.
 I like to tell my kids that hard is not a synonym with bad.  Today "hard" was a synonym with "wonderful". (Well at least now that I ran the hot water heater dry and took an ibuprofen)
It feels so good to do physical things
I am grateful she suggested it.  It was really quite difficult and I might not have made it if she wasn't there to push. But I did!  Not really sure why I haven't done these kinds of things more through out my life. 
So if you are like me and have a tendency to avoid hard stuff.
Pick one hard thing and do it today. It will be totally worth it!